Writing the Wave: A Creative Writing Workshop with Chris Ferreiras on Saturday May 27, 1-3 PM EST

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On Saturday, May 27th, I will be hosting Writing the Wave, an online creative writing workshop from 1:00PM (ET) to 3:00PM (ET) on Zoom.

The creative process is often said to have its own rhythm, inspiration is said to come in waves. Ideas come and go, our urge to create ebbs and flows, but the deeper we delve into the depths of our craft and practice, the more we find that there are always subtle ripples, tides, and creative currents to ride. The more time we spend with our intention, craft, and mediums, the clearer it becomes that even when we feel stuck, we're still in motion.

Writing The Wave is an online creative writing workshop designed to help us deep dive into our psychic inner wellsprings and access other valuable currencies of creativity. This workshop is ideal for those who want to get unstuck and get back to their creative rhythm and flow.

Elements of the Workshop

- We will engage with different writing prompts and practices to locate where our energy and creative flow are going in order to restore fluidity to our craft.

- We will learn how to harness our creative currency to cultivate a relationship with this current, foster our craft, and develop a mindset that makes our creative writing habit more second nature.

- I will discuss my process in context of the subject matter of this workshop and show you some of my own personal habits and practices that engage my creative unconscious and enable my craft. 

I firmly believe that self-reflection can help us change the way we think about our story, and see ourselves with a little more grace. Through these generative practices, we will learn how to expand our self-concept and how our self-concept informs our creative habits.

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