Lead Into Gold: A Creative Writing Workshop with Chris Ferreiras

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Lead Into Gold is a brief (re)introduction to the healing power that a creative writing practice can offer us; in this workshop we will not only learn how to access our unconscious creative content, but also how to cultivate essential writing habits and channel our findings into our work. The ability to share our story is one of our greatest forms of wealth, there’s such an abundance and treasure in telling it.

Elements of the Workshop

- We will talk about poetry, prose, and other structures of writing that best serve our creative direction and the way we want to tell our story. 

- We will learn about literary devices, analysis, and we will also discuss different techniques, tools, and styles of writing so that we may turn our ideas, experiences, and emotions into living, breathing bodies of text.

- I will give you a glimpse into my creative process, and we will have an opportunity to create new work, share our work, and discuss it.

- Resources, materials, and other offerings.

- Regardless of what stage you’re in as a writer, (whether you’re new to the craft or advanced) this workshop is designed to help you deepen the connection between your inner voice and the urge to write.

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Finding a language for our experience provides us an opportunity to know, connect, and empathize with ourselves and one other. The written word allows us to take what is subjective to our experience, objectify it outside of us and engage with our thoughts, confessions, and unique truths that way. In this space of self reflection, we can not only meet our inner observer, but we can also better cultivate a bond with the inner observer’s insight and vision. In doing so we can distinguish the difference between the sky that is our mind, the weather that passes through it, and the discerning eye of the inner witness. Finding a language for what we feel, honoring our story, and telling it can liberate us from having to carry the charge of old energies, free us to embody the present, and aid us in embracing the future. Finding a language for what we’ve been through and who we are can help us author what will become of us.