Faces We Make

Exploring the complexity of identity

"Faces We Make" explores identity & representation through abstract expressions, perspective, and line work. I use line work to explore the labyrinths of facial expression by tracing the invisible contours of faces we make, revealing how the very lines that divide/ define the shape of one face also connects them to other expressions.

As a poet, I'm not only interested in weaving lines that express what needs to be portrayed, but also challenging how such one's relationship with lines is traditionally experienced. I make it my point to step over the period, and erase the limits of text by exploring poetry beyond one's expectations, transcending the page, its structure, definition, and orientation.

In this case, a contour expression may be an interpretation of a character, as in a word or a person. In this way, an image is as much a poem as it is a portrait, and vice versa.

This series includes a combination of commission work and original work. Each piece is one of a kind, and range from 8x12, 8x12, 12x16, 16x20, to larger canvas/ canvas paper sizes.

Most lines are completed using Krink black ink markers, Krink acrylic paint markers, or Sharpies.