Where Content Meets Content & No One Is Content

On one end ContentLabel is a bit of a blatant satire or mockery of social media & hype culture gone awry, but also a statement on the vicious cycle of content creation.

As street wear apparel, ContentLabel is a canvas for Artists, "Content Creators," Self Proclaimed Creatives/ Creatists to explore and express their frustrations with the unhealthy and unrealistic demands of social media and "hype content culture" while satirizing, & making a statement about the currency of trends & memes in fashion, writing, art, and photography.

ContentLabel challenges audiences to question their position and presence on social media by exhausting the obvious but clever double entendre to a point of absurdity, further making users so sick of content creation as a concept, they no longer care to consume content.

ContentLabel was inspired by @itscarus  "Algorithm" Poem
Designed by and for @contentlabel

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